Our Mission


Paranormal Odyssey Investigations, LLC, is a team of specialists focused on making the paranormal more accessible to everyone.  We bring together history, paranormal claims, and investigative evidence, that is not only eye-opening but also thought-provoking.  We aim to bridge the gap among the paranormal, spirituality, and science, by using an evidenced-based approach in conjunction with other services within the paranormal field. We approach every investigation with respect, curiosity, and a deep desire to learn and educate. 

How We Work

We take a practical and holistic approach to investigating the paranormal, and try to find answers for our clients. Our goal is to document potential paranormal activity by applying multiple methods - mediumistic, structured processes, and scientific techniques to help those experiencing paranormal activity and bring knowledge and resolution to these cases.

Our emphasis is our clients and their families. We bring professionalism, confidentiality, and the highest standard of ethics to every investigation. We understand that calling on a team to investigate a private home or property is not an easy decision, and above all else, we respect your right to privacy, which we protect to the utmost.

There is never a charge for Paranormal Odyssey Investigations’ services. This allows us to continue to keep our services accessible to all. However, donating to the Paranormal Odyssey Investigations team helps keep our equipment up to date, covers basic business costs, and travel expenses when needed. Donations of any amount help us continue to explore, educate, and provide services to our clients.