There is a story about a little girl that haunts the basement of the mansion.  We were conducting an EVP session and captured this voice.  At the very end of the clip, you can hear Mike asking if I heard that so this may have been a disembodied voice.

(The only editing done to this clip was amplification, creating the white noise in the background.  This is where the voice is heard.)

There are stories told that Mr. Houghton did not like leaving this door open to keep the heat downstairs.  there have been several instances of this door being slammed shut.  We left the door open intentionally to see what would happen after approximately 5 hours Mr Houghton apparently had enough.

Also down in the basement area while Mike was exploring one of the rooms at the end.  I was using an IR camera to video down the hallway as he was walking back.  As he passed a folding chair in the hall, I saw a small white mass by the chair on the viewfinder.  I tried to direct Mike to where I was seeing it but he was unable to see it and it did not turn up on the video.  we did however capture a girls voice that sounded like she was singing.