Malden Home

 Short blackout 

In this clip, there were three of us in a back bedroom, two investigators and a medium.  The medium was in contact with an entity and was asking him to move through the laser grid lights on the wall so that we may see him.

The light at the end of the hallway is an Infrared light on a DVR camera, which is a steady stream of light.  Shortly after asking the spirit to move through the lights the IR light flashed a few times on two separate occasions within a minute of each other.  Looking on the side-play screen of the night-vision camera I was holding it appeared as though someone walked past the light-blocking it out. Once moving right to left and then left to right.

The DVR camera light did not malfunction previously or since this was the only instance.  The footage from the DVR camera does not show any change in the picture or anything moving past.

Camera tossed

In the clip below the DVR camera was set up in a small storage area on the third floor of the home.  The owners had reported frequent noises and items being moved around in the room, so we figured we would put a camera in there to see if we could catch anything.

The first time the camera was set up, it was placed on top of a storage bin on a small tripod, but by the time the angle was checked on the monitor the camera had been turned sideways. I went back upstairs with duct tape, figuring someone must have caught the cable with a foot and pulling it.  I repositioned the camera and flattened the tripod and taped the individual legs down to hold it in place.   Upon going downstairs to check the monitor and the angle again the camera was off and had no signal.  I retraced the cable from the DVR to the camera to find that the quick connect fitting had been disconnected.  This is not possible to unhook unless you push and twist the connection at the same time, so it was not someone tripping over it, and no one had claimed to have stepped near the cable which had been run up along the wall and taped down every so often.

Once again I grabbed the roll of duct tape and taped the connection down to the floor and then proceeded to re-tape the tripod and camera excessively to make sure it did not get moved again.  Feeling like I had secured the camera thoroughly I stood in the room and said out loud " I would like to see you move this now" and went back down to the monitor to check the picture.

If you watch the video carefully you can see the camera being jerked from side to side and then completely tossed across the room.  After the camera stops moving you can see a small light (orb) zoom away.  The camera hit with such force that the IR light and the lens were both cracked rendering the camera inoperable.