Mike Patterson

Lead Investigator and Team Occultist

Mike, as the team’s occultist, practices and accesses hidden or esoteric knowledge as part of the way he interacts with the world beyond. As such, he is a knowledge seeker in the world of all things paranormal. Mike uses magickal rituals, symbols, crystals, enchantments, and spell-craft to enhance the team’s paranormal investigations, entity and energy connections and communications. He also tends to deal with the less than benign energies and other things that may bump in the night that may occasionally present themselves to clients and to the team.


"I have had a life-long interest in unexplainable phenomena and have become a firm believer in the paranormal. I grew up on an island adjacent to Savannah Georgia. The influence of the Savannah culture, with its heritage of spirituality, old religions, (knew people who used “Haint blue” not only for color but protection) and paranormal activity, made entry in the paranormal field a natural event.

I have formally investigated the paranormal field off and on since 2006, continually improving my skills and knowledge. Informally, prior to 2006, I have been involved “in the hunt” for the previous 20 years, (Ghost Light of Lands End in South Carolina a long time ago),

I approach cases with a hefty dose of skepticism until there is evidence to backup personal experiences (I really do believe the truth is out there). With a Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology and an emphasis in a spiritual and research-based approach, I hope to further the paranormal research field and increase its legitimacy and acceptance.

The fact that we can investigate, determine the reality of a paranormal event, and  also help people resolve issues they may have regarding paranormal experiences are all important  personal goals of why I investigate. As lead investigator, I want to always consider new approaches and adapt to the unique circumstances of each location we investigate. Paranormal Odyssey Investigations a realization of a dream to bring the paranormal experience to everyone so that everyone can experience “Traveling into the Unknown”."


Lance Anderson

Lead Investigator and Technology Specialist

I have had an interest in all things paranormal since I was a child. I would like to find the answers to questions that have been out there a long time. Having worked for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner as an Autopsy/morgue Technician for nearly 7 years, this has raised even more questions for me in the paranormal field, in relation to the after-effects of a life ended abruptly and in a traumatic manner. I have assisted in over two thousand autopsies, have been on countless crime and unattended scenes of death, and have assisted in a few of the most high profile cases in Massachusetts from 2005 to the end of 2011. Author of the book "Life in the Morgue" written as a fictional story but based on real experiences there.

My paranormal experience started at around age 11 when I suspected my parent's home had an additional occupant living on the vacant second floor. I became obsessed with books on ghosts and the paranormal and the few television shows that were on at the time and eventually worked up the courage to sit in the vacant apartment with a Polaroid instant camera and a cassette recorder to see if I could prove something was there. This then evolved into sneaking into abandoned buildings with a few friends and eventually becoming part of a paranormal investigative team.


Mary Winters-Sonia

Lead Investigator and Team Support

I specialize in Photography and am a Certified Reiki 2 Practitioner. I was the recipient of the 2013 International Paranormal Picture of the Year Award.  My winning photo and an article were featured on the Orb's Whisper's website.

My early interest in the paranormal started as a teenager and continues to this day.  My first experience with the paranormal was when I was probably seven or eight.

I was at my grandmother's house with a few other kids and adults, while my family was at my uncle's funeral.  A very old Italian tradition is to drive by the house before going to the cemetery. We were watching and as the hearse went by the house, and not soon after that, the front door slams shut, and the kitchen clock stopped. It was after that that my curiosity in the paranormal surfaced.

I also remember as a teenager dabbling with the ouija board and experiencing some strange and unexplainable phenomenon as I continue to have my own new personal experiences and stories to tell regarding the spirit world. The learning never stops, I love the continuing journey into the paranormal.


I believe it is important to research the history of paranormal events when doing tours, public forums, and investigations. I also feel

it is important to increase awareness and to educate our clients about the paranormal.

Professionally, my belief is to collect and present whatever evidence that becomes available, while we respect our client's privacy. But also as importantly, it okay to have fun and enjoy whatever paranormal experiences come your way.


Liz Varney

Team Intuitive Medium

Joining the Paranormal Odyssey team has been a serendipitous gift from the universe! Spirit clearly felt I was ready for the next phase of my training and I am ready to expand myself to do so! 


So, how did I get here? Although I have always been a spiritual person, and a believer in things beyond what we can see and hear, being in the psychology field as a social worker and therapist only confirmed what I had already felt. There were so many experiences that my clients were having that could not be explained or helped by psychology; it became evident to me that there had to be more. The concepts of "soul," "past lives," and even "ghosts" started becoming more frequent topics in my conversations. 


In 2009, I decided to start a more intentional exploration of spirituality and joined a  Reiki class. Although I did not feel the energy or even understand it, I just felt drawn to continue. I started to let my feelings guide me rather than my logic. I allowed myself to be guided towards intuitive development and entered a mentorship program in 2012. At the end of my mentorship, I attended a weekend "soul connections" workshop where my mentor was going to be presenting. While I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, it was the following three presenters who blew me away. Three evidential mediums, each with their unique style and gifts brought through amazing information to the audience from their deceased loved ones. From that moment on, I was ignited: I want to be a medium!


I began training in mediumship in 2013 and along the way also became familiar with the Akashic Records (or the history of one's soul journey) these two spiritual modalities have formed the basis of my intuitive skillset and have informed how I approach all aspects of my life. I continue to "cross-train" in my skills and find it important to learn about as many spiritual traditions and perspectives as I can. 


For me, mediumship is the practice of stepping logic out of the way and allow the feeling to guide me. I am excited to take my experiences out of the classroom and confines of an office, to experience the energy and spiritual history of each of the locations we investigate. I am thrilled to learn from each investigation and to have the opportunity to be around so many different energetic experiences. I find myself approaching each investigation with a balance of curiosity and skepticism. I remain open to the possibility that I may or may not detect or feel something in a location, or that some reported instances may be explained by something logical.  I have a deep desire to maintain authenticity and integrity in each of my readings, which includes explanations that may cross the continuum from logical to psychological to spiritual.